Summer project – summary

I’m going to make a series of posts over the next few days about my summer project, and list the links here to make things a bit easier to navigate.


Couldn’t get access (or at least enough access in a short enough period over the summer). Hope to come back to this in the winter and next summer.


In the early part of the summer,  I began looking at the inner ring road in Birmingham. The road itself is an ugly thing, the major symbol of the unsuccessful mid-twentieth century redevelopment of the city that still exists now so much of the center of Brum has been redeveloped, but the spaces alongside an be surprising and sometimes beautiful – a bit like Elephant but defining/containing a whole city, rather than one small area of one. I spent a couple of weeks wandering around it, looking at how the older communication network of waterways plays counterpoint to the road, and at the people that live alongside it. I’m not far enough along with this one to consider it for my major project, but I may post some images later on.


Last month, I began to follow the tour of the relics of St Therese of Lisieux around the UK. I spent late August and the early part of September getting in touch with the tour organisers and the people at various venues, so I have good access (although most places impose surprisingly few restrictions). Details are here.

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