Summer project – summary

I’m going to make a series of posts over the next few days about my summer project, and list the links here to make things a bit easier to navigate.



I’m photographing pilgrims who come to see the relics of St Therese of Lisieux as they travel around the country.


I put together a pitch about the project to send out to a few people – the text is here.

Where I am

The tour ends on 16 October, so I’m still shooting, but as it is now largely going around the South East I’m spending a lot less time travelling.

I’ve started my the editing process, with an eye on getting down to around 200 or so images by the time I’m back at LCC. I’ve also been recording a lot of audio, and I’m in the process of sorting through that.


St Therese – background

This is part of a proposal that I sent out to a few people about the project: my thinking about it’s changed since then, so this is mainly for background purposes. For the overall summary of the project, see here.